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I wrote the script for this year’s big new D&D promo video that launched a few weeks back, and Wizards just published¬†this behind-the-scenes article¬†along with chapter two. Thanks to some weirdly good fortune, we effectively had a huge budget for animation, assets, and other visuals, so this ended up looking quite a bit smoother than others of its kind. Here’s chapter 1 – scroll down in the article I linked above to see chapter 2 in all its glory.

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Written on Nov, 11, 2013 by in | Leave a comment

Time will tell, but I decided to dust off the site after losing my archives in the Great Cloud Transition Fiasco last year. I’m setting up a site for my upcoming podcast Nerdhole (with Paul and Mary of the Stranger Testing Department) and figured I may as well spend the marginal amount of extra time it takes to rebuild this old thing. RSS me!

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